The following companies will organise the workshops:


Strukton (Dutch)

In this workshop, you will experience the practical side of the field of work. How do you find the connection with the market, while at the same time keeping your strength as a company? Strukton functions as the actor through which contractors and clients meet and interact.

In civic-technical projects, the contractor sets up the conditions in which the clients can operate. Several disciplines are involved in such a trajectory: the soft side and the hard side. You can think about the budget, planning, the analysis of the surrounding area and the communication. Collaboration with the client is crucial to gain the right information for the operation of the project and to achieve the goals of the project (such as delivery within time, quality and the budget). In the case of big, integral projects, this is a very complex process for which it is essential to make clear agreements, listen to each other and respect each other.

But is this sufficient? In this workshop, you will scan the interaction within this process with the use of examples from the field of work. During this workshop, you will get a good picture of the projects in which Strukton is involved and you will understand the added value of your own education in this process. You will be participating in a (fictional) tender process.



Stadkwadraat (Dutch)

The workshop consists of three rounds in which you will first assemble the project organization, then choose a development scenario and finally select the building program. After the workshop, you will have a better understanding of the field in which Stadkwadraat is working as a financial advisor and in which way spatial development takes place in this.


Brink Management/Advies (Dutch)

The real estate department asks Brink Management /Advies to advise on the optimization of the real estate portfolio and possible ways to reduce costs. Your project team is asked to make a proposal, which includes a good approach and a global planning for how to achieve the goals of the real estate department. Each group has to present their proposal to the municipality of Rommeldam. The team with the best proposal and presentation wins a flight in the Brink hot-air balloon!


Witteveen+Bos (English)

Road expansion of the E233 Meppen-Cloppenburg (Germany)

In this workshop, you will look into the European road E233 between Hoogeveen and Cloppenbrug (Germany). This road is an important connection for both transport and commuting traffic between the Randstad and Bremen, Hamburg and Scandinavia. The decision on the European level regarding this road have been made a long time ago, but it is not yet fully developed. The Dutch part of the E233 (the A37 Hoogeveen-Emmen) has already been expanded ten years ago. However, the German part, which is 83 kilometres long, has not been developed till now. In this workshop, we ask you to look for a spatial and technical solution for the German part of the E233 through analyzing the bottlenecks and finding solutions for those. In the end, you will advise the German government about this development.

In this workshop, you will think about the application of circular building materials, sustainability and the suitability of the road for future mobility. At the end of the workshop, you will present your ideas for this road and the best idea will receive a price!


Geodan (English)

Making the world a better place with Geo-ICT!
-Social impacts of Geo-ICT solutions-

How can we minimize the impact of traffic jams on the environment? How can we ensure that train commuters hardly notice that there is some problem on the railroad network? How can the Netherlands achieve its energy transition targets? In this workshop, we will demonstrate how smart Geo-ICT solutions make our world a better place. As a student you will be challenged to contribute. In the workshop, we will provide you with our easy-to-use Geo-tools from our cloud platform and we will provide you with some case-data as well. You will create your own map-viewer in order to tackle the case presented to you. The tools we will give you are intuitively to use and our experienced consultants will also be available during the workshop to help you out. The best solution presented to us will be rewarded with a special prize. So join us in making the world a better place!
IMPORTANT: There are only limited laptops available, so please take your own laptop with you!


Antea Group (English)

Are you interested in experiencing Antea Group’s dynamic work environment and the way in which we approach a complex case with multiple stakeholders? How can you develop a concept with the input of other businesses? Join our workshop! The workshop handles a real-life case and challenges you to develop the winning plan. Of course, we have a prize for the winning team!


Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling (Dutch)

Hét adviesbureau voor gebiedsontwikkeling!

New projects can be as beautiful and desirable, however they will not be undertaken without a positive financial result. To make sure a project is financially feasible, there are many options to pick from and hard choices to make. But which options are the right ones? And what will you choose? Less parking spots or less green in the area? Or are you going to build higher up in the air which will lead to a loss of quality? Everything is possible, however: you need to be aware of the wishes and expectations of the new residents, the developer and the local government! During this workshop we will discover how we can find agreement between the wishes interests of these three stakeholders. We are curious what you will choose!




Nationaal Watertraineeship (Dutch)

Follow your passion (water or soils) and empower your qualities! That’s what is at stake in the Nationaal Water- en Bodemtraineeship. The 2-year program gives you a kick-start in the workfield! You start your first job that fits your interests while you follow trainings and coaching focused on personal development and leadership. On top of that the traineeship includes 4 periods with interdisciplinary projects in which you work with fellow trainees on water- and soils related issues.

The Nationaal Water- en Bodemtraineeship is all about crossing your (personal) borders and discover the many opportunities of the workfield.

Come to our workshop and connect with all the sector and our traineeship. Let us know why the water- and soil sector needs spatial scientists!


Be prepared for a perfect start of your career. Let’s start!


Esri Nederland (Dutch)

Jumpstart your spatial analytics using Insights

The ever-increasing availability of high quality (geometric and semantic) open data sources enables new ways of exploring information sources to find answers to specific questions. For example, in the Living Atlas of Esri and its partners, there are now 500+ Dutch standard content services readily available for direct use. In this workshop, you will tackle a real-world challenge and use Insights for ArcGIS to visualize open data using maps, charts and tables and apply advanced spatial analysis with simple drag-and-drop. When you have created the perfect workflow using Insights, you can share your workflow and use the information to make better decisions in your projects.