During the Career Day students can visit companies in the city of Groningen. During these visits, students learn about the companies and their field of work. The following companies will organise a company visit:


Royal HaskoningDHV (English)

During the Career Day Royal HaskoningDHV will host a company visit which will be supervised by alumni and interns of our faculty. They will introduce you to the company and share their own experiences about applying for a job and getting familiar with working as a consultant. After this introduction and a company tour you will work on a Smart City Challenge integrating infrastructure, urban development, innovation and digitalization.







CMO STAMM (English)

CMO STAMM is an independent research and consultancy organisation that operates mainly in the provinces Groningen and Drenthe. We focus on the social domain and work for municipal and provincial administrations, other non-profit organisations, commercial businesses and the inhabitants of the region. We put important social issues on the public agenda, connect stakeholders and develop instruments to deal with the issues at hand. We also monitor the state of the social domain throughout the two provinces. Our mission is to work together towards a vigorous society, a society where everybody can join in.


KAW (English)

During the company visit, you will learn what being an Advisor at KAW, a dual Architecture and Consultancy firm, is all about! Together we will work on a (real life) recent case. Through a participatory process using 3D printed models we were able to involve locals in making spatial choices in their own village.


Ideeënjagers (English)

Ideeënjagers (Ideahunters) is a creative think tank initiated by the construction company Van Wijnen. Our main focus is the living environment of the future. One of the things we work on is a new design method that incorporates the needs and preferences of future inhabitants into spatial plans. In this process we try to match soft data to groups of individuals, based on their lifestyle. Currently we’re transforming our team into a consultancy, offering our knowledge and services to other companies and institutions who share our mindset. Want to know more? We love to welcome you in our new office on the Suikerterrein!


Nijestee (Dutch)

Nijestee is a housing corporation located within the city of Groningen, where also the majority of our assets (around 13.000 rental units) can be found. This results in the fact that housing units that are managed by Nijestee can be found in nearly all neighborhoods in Groningen. The goal of the foundation is to provide affordable housing for low(er) income households within the city of Groningen. Within the organisation, there are several subdivisions working on specific issues that all contribute to reaching this goal. During the Career Day, there will be the opportunity to visit the company (during the company visits in the morning) and employees of the real estate division will elaborate on how they contribute to reaching the goal of Nijestee.



Procap (Dutch)

Procap is the most strategic and tactical project management and advice bureau in the Netherlands. We stand for the resilience of the Netherlands and that’s why we work on topics such as smart mobility, urban change, energy and climate adaptation. Whenever a project strands, our project managers and advisors will be there to make it work. Together with our clients we turn ambitions into measurable progress and specific results!

We are proud of the projects and clients we have! It is great to make the Netherlands – and more specific Groningen – a little bit better and more resilient. That’s why our company visit won’t be a in a dusty office, but we’ll take you outside on the Procap Project-Safari. Will you join us?



Geon (Dutch)

During the company visit, we will introduce you to Geon. Who is Geon? What is our working field? In which themes do we operate (water, environmental law, mobility and more)? Additionally, we will discuss our current activities, such as the energy transition project. After our story, we are curious about your responses and ideas for the future. You can find more information about Geon and our projects via www.geon.nl.

We are looking forward to meeting you!