Plenary lecture

We are proud to present the guest speaker of the plenary lecture: Wilma Mansveld!

During her long career, Wilma Mansveld worked in
both the private and the public sector. As deputy for
the province of Groningen, she was responsible for economic affairs, tourism, energy and climate. In 2012, she made a move to The Hague to become State Secretary for the Department of Infrastructure and Environment. The subjects of air transport, public transport and environment had her specific attention. After her career in The Hague, she became acting mayor of the municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel. Currently, she is the director of the Veiligheidsregio (safety-region) Groningen. In this position, she manages all different kinds of organisations involved in ensuring our safety. During the lecture, she will tell us about her career, the different steps she has taken and the decisions she has made.