During the Career Day, our partners will provide a company visit, workshop and/or will be present at the network café. Click on the buttons above to see where you can find which company.

Strukton (Dutch)

Strukton will give two workshops during the Career Day 2018. Also, they will be present at the network café. Strukton is a company that works on improving the quality of transport by train, other infrastructure and buildings. This company has about 6500 employees and does projects within and outside of Europe.
In short, a very interesting company with a lot of potential for you as a student. We hope you will be there!



Royal HaskoningDHV (English)

Royal HaskoningDHV is an international, non-listed engineering consultancy firm. It has offices in 30 countries, employing almost 6,000 professionals. In the Groningen office, 120 colleagues work in the fields of water management, industry, buildings, infrastructure and urban development. Over the past two years Royal HaskoningDHV has hired over 20 alumni of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Moreover, three faculty students are currently interning in the Groningen office.


Stadkwadraat (Dutch)

Stadkwadraat is an advisory firm in the field of land and real estate development. In their workshop participants will compete in teams, to formulate the best development strategy for an existing location. Financial, physical and political aspects form the basis of integral area development, and will be discussed during this workshop. Based on available information, you will make decisions between spatial quality, future-proofing, finances and support. It is up to you to find an optimal balance and present a feasible plan. As a team, you will present your choices and arguments to justify your choices.


Brink Management/Advies (Dutch)

Are you ready to help the municipality of Rommeldam? Like many other municipalities, the municipality of Rommeldam has to save money. There are a lot of things which have to be taken into account. An important aspect is reducing and optimizing the ownership of real estate. Therefore they asked the real estate department of the municipality of Rommeldam to research possible optimizations in functional use, square meters and costs. They also have to look to the way they organize the activities which are related to real estate: a lot of data about the real estate isn’t actual and not well diversified among the different departments.
The several departments within the municipality need to work together with the real estate department to realize good housing for social services. The interests of the different departments in the collaboration may differ from each other.


KAW (English)

During the company visit, you will learn what being an Advisor at KAW, a dual Architecture and Consultancy firm, is all about! Together we will work on a (real life) recent case. Through a participatory process using 3D printed models we were able to involve locals in making spatial choices in their own village.

CMO STAMM (English)

CMO STAMM is an independent research and consultancy organisation that operates mainly in the provinces Groningen and Drenthe. We focus on the social domain and work for municipal and provincial administrations, other non-profit organisations, commercial businesses and the inhabitants of the region. We put important social issues on the public agenda, connect stakeholders and develop instruments to deal with the issues at hand. We also monitor the state of the social domain throughout the two provinces. Our mission is to work together towards a vigorous society, a society where everybody can join in.


Witteveen+Bos (English)

Witteveen+Bos is an employee owned, fully independent Dutch firm. Established in 1946, the firm gradually expanded to a professional staff of over 1000, working in interdisciplinary teams in countries world-wide. We are part of the top ten Dutch engineering and consultancy firms. Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects.

Our clients are governmental, commercial and industrial organizations. Our consultancy work includes the entire process from planning, design, engineering, preparation to supervision and project management.

Engineers and consultants working at Witteveen+Bos are continuously searching for new challenges. Together with young and enthusiastic colleagues you work in project teams. There is plenty of room for staff initiatives by providing employees with much independence and personal responsibility in projects. Professional development opportunities are offered through in- house training and external courses and seminars. Visit our site http://www.witteveenbos.com where you can find information about our vacancies, internships and thesis possibilities.


Ideeënjagers (English)

Ideeënjagers (Ideahunters) is a creative think tank initiated by the construction company Van Wijnen. Our main focus is the living environment of the future. One of the things we work on is a new design method that incorporates the needs and preferences of future inhabitants into spatial plans. In this process we try to match soft data to groups of individuals, based on their lifestyle. Currently we’re transforming our team into a consultancy, offering our knowledge and services to other companies and institutions who share our mindset. Want to know more? We love to welcome you in our new office on the Suikerterrein!


Dutch Ministry of Defence

On the first of June, the Dutch Ministry of Defense be present at the Career Day with a stand during the networkcafé. The Dutch Armed Forces exist to defend the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its interests in the world. They are a multidimensional organization, employing 43,000 military and 17,000 civilian staff. Besides the traditional combat functionalities, the Armed Forces employs a wide range of specialties, ranging from logistics to engineering and from medical to information technology. They work throughout the world with complex, specialized equipment. That is why we are always on the lookout for people who can make sure that everything continues to drive, sail or fly as it should. Regardless of how ‘smart’ our equipment is, we still need people to keep it up and running. 

For young academics we offer an extensive officers-training course (at our own academy), where you learn to make strategic decisions concerning your area of expertise. A great career choice for people who like a challenge!



Geodan (English)
A world of Geo-information

Geo-information belongs to all of us. Mapping out underground cables and pipelines online, looking for the closest shop on the Internet, localising equipment, shaping and directing new spatial developments: without spatial information we will get nowhere.
There is a continually growing demand for geo-products and services, but also for substantive analysis of geo-information for planning purposes. And therefore the need for people who are familiar with the world of geo-information: the Geodan specialists.

What does Geodan do?

Since 1985, Geodan has grown into one of the leading geo-ICT companies in our country. We specialise in the provision of spatial information and are experienced in applying new, innovative technologies. Every day, and in several countries, we support our customers in various (complex) geo-information issues by providing advice, interim management, bespoke GIS solutions, geographic data, Internet solutions and education.
In addition, on behalf of (government) organisations, we manage and maintain various applications.


Procap (Dutch)
Procap is the most strategic and tactical project management and advice bureau in the Netherlands. We stand for the resilience of the Netherlands and that’s why we work on topics such as smart mobility, urban change, energy and climate adaptation. Whenever a project strands, our project managers and advisors will be there to make it work. Together with our clients we turn ambitions into measurable progress and specific results!

We are proud of the projects and clients we have! It is great to make the Netherlands – and more specific Groningen – a little bit better and more resilient. That’s why our company visit won’t be a in a dusty office, but we’ll take you outside on the Procap Project-Safari. Will you join us?




Antea Group (English)

Antea Group is an internationally active engineering and consultancy company. Facilitating no less than 3.500 employees and multiple establishments in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America, we operate on a global scale. Antea Group proudly commits to the responsibility of deploying her knowledge for a sustainable future. To do so, our technical expertise and a pragmatic approach are strategically combined with our multidisciplinary knowledge. Antea Group preaches the motto “Create Your Own World”. Therefore, employees are invited to further develop their talent, knowledge, and skills in an area of their own interest. We create the best circumstances for our employees to stimulate innovation in our business. As Antea Group is a knowledge-based organisation, the involvement of our employees is valued and sharing information is strongly encouraged. As a result, we are drawn to (young) talent! In particular, for the young employees, the board of JOIN (Young Antea Group) offers a variety of events to connect with other young professionals in different settings.


Province of Groningen

A lot of activities in our daily regional system have relations with Provincial policies. The Province of Groningen implements policies by the ‘Provinciale Omgevingsvie’ and the ‘Provinciale Omgevingsverordening’. With these instruments policies regarding environmental issues, infrastructure and spatial planning are executed. There are six major challenges for the upcoming years: Livability, Circular economy, Earthquake issues, the Wadden area, Energy transition and Heritage, spatial quality and landscape architecture.

Besides learning about these different topics, working in a political environment gives you the opportunity to develop your strategic and organizational skills. Your day is usually filled with different kinds of meetings, courses and policy-making in order to contribute to the well-being of our province.

During the Career Day the province of Groningen will be present at the network café. In order to offer opportunities for young academics, we have developed traineeships in different topics. So come visit our stand and you will learn more about these opportunities.



Nijestee (Dutch)

Nijestee is a housing corporation located within the city of Groningen, where also the majority of our assets (around 13.000 rental units) can be found. This results in the fact that housing units that are managed by Nijestee can be found in nearly all neighborhoods in Groningen. The goal of the foundation is to provide affordable housing for low(er) income households within the city of Groningen. Within the organisation, there are several subdivisions working on specific issues that all contribute to reaching this goal. During the Career Day, there will be the opportunity to visit the company (during the company visits in the morning) and employees of the real estate division will elaborate on how they contribute to reaching the goal of Nijestee.



Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling (Dutch)

Hét adviesbureau voor gebiedsontwikkeling!

Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling is a nationally operating consultancy firm. We focus on advising local governments, housing associations and private companies. Our core activities focus on project management, public and private law and the financial feasibility of area development. Our work is all about giving high-quality advice concerning the factors that influence the financial outcome of land development. This will help our clients in managing the costs and revenues of their projects.

Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling is always looking for new interns or starters who have a great passion for the financial side of area development. Let us know if you are interested!




Nationaal Watertraineeship (Dutch)

Follow your passion (water or soils) and empower your qualities! That’s what is at stake in the Nationaal Water- en Bodemtraineeship. The 2-year program gives you a kick-start in the workfield! You start your first job that fits your interests while you follow trainings and coaching focused on personal development and leadership. On top of that the traineeship includes 4 periods with interdisciplinary projects in which you work with fellow trainees on water- and soils related issues.

The Nationaal Water- en Bodemtraineeship is all about crossing your (personal) borders and discover the many opportunities of the workfield.

Come to our workshop and connect with all the sector and our traineeship. Let us know why the water- and soil sector needs spatial scientists!

Be prepared for a perfect start of your career. Let’s start!


Esri Nederland (Dutch)

Esri, the global market leader in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), offers the most analytics technology available. Since 1969, Esri has helped customers unlock the full potential of data improve operational and business results. Today, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations including the world’s largest cities, most national governments, 75% of the Fortune 500, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri engineers the most advanced solutions for digital transformation, loT, and location analytics to create the maps that run the world.




Geon (Dutch)

Geon is an independent company specialised in geo-information management. We believe in ‘the power of the map’. By opening up information via location, work becomes more fun, more efficient and more effective. It provides more efficient work. This saves an organisation a lot of work and money. Geon solves issues relating to quality, data management and processes.

We are looking forward to meeting you!